AVR-PRO 5000i 3HP

  • Voltage Input: AC 110~280V 50Hz
  • Voltage Output: AC 230V±8%
  • Power Input: 5000VA (max.)
  • Capacity:
  1.  Continuously Carry 1.5 HP AC at 120V or higher
  2.  Continuously Carry 2.0 HP AC at 130V or higher
  3.  Continuously Carry 3.0 HP AC at 140V or higher
Products Information

Introducing the QASA AVR-PRO 5000i 3HP: Your Ultimate Power Protection Solution.

Model No: AVR-PRO 5000i 3HP

Reliable Voltage Regulation: The QASA AVR-PRO 5000i 3HP ensures stable and consistent voltage output, protecting your valuable equipment from voltage fluctuations and surges. With a voltage input range of AC 110~280V 50Hz and voltage output of AC 230V±8%, this automatic voltage regulator guarantees reliable power supply for your devices.

High Power Capacity: With a power input of 5000VA (max.), the AVR-PRO 5000i 3HP is capable of continuously carrying a range of AC appliances, from 1.5 HP at 120V or higher to 3.0 HP at 140V or higher. Whether you’re powering air conditioners, refrigerators, or other heavy-duty appliances, this AVR delivers consistent performance to meet your needs.

Advanced Protection Features: Equipped with essential protection features, including power-back surges protection, overheat protection, and a resettable circuit breaker, the AVR-PRO 5000i 3HP safeguards your devices against potential damage caused by power fluctuations and electrical surges. Start-up delay function ensures safe and smooth operation during power restoration.

Convenient Design: The AVR-PRO 5000i 3HP is designed for ease of use and installation. Featuring 230V out sockets, wall-mounted slim design, stability selection buttons, and ventilation fan, this AVR seamlessly integrates into your setup while maximizing space efficiency. The durable relays with zero-cross switching technology ensure reliable performance and longevity.

User-Friendly Interface: The digital display with large icons provides intuitive control and monitoring of voltage levels, allowing you to easily adjust settings and track power status at a glance. With user-friendly operation and comprehensive protection features, the AVR-PRO 5000i 3HP offers peace of mind and reliable power supply for your electronic equipment.

Upgrade to the QASA AVR-PRO 5000i 3HP and experience unparalleled power protection for your valuable appliances and equipment. With its advanced features, high power capacity, and user-friendly design, this AVR ensures reliable performance and peace of mind in any electrical environment.


  1. Power-back surges protection
  2. Overheat protection
  3. Start-up delay function
  4. 230v out sockets
  5. Wall mounted & slim design
  6. Stability selection buttons
  7. Ventilation fan
  8. Resettable circuit breaker
  9. Durable relays with zero-cross switching technology
  10. Digital display with large icons
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