• INPUT: 120-270V AC 50Hz
  • OUTPUT: 230V AC 50Hz
  • STABILITY: ±8%
  • CAPACITY: 1000W
Products Information

Introducing the QASA AVR-PRO 1000VA: Your Reliable Voltage Stabilizer Solution.

Model No: AVR-PRO 1000VA

Stable Power Supply: Ensure a stable and consistent power output for your electronic devices and appliances with the QASA AVR-PRO 1000VA. With an input range of 120-270V AC 50Hz and an output of 230V AC 50Hz, this automatic voltage regulator (AVR) provides reliable voltage stabilization to protect your equipment from voltage fluctuations and surges.

High Capacity: With a capacity of 1000W, the AVR-PRO 1000VA is capable of handling medium-power loads with ease. From computers and home entertainment systems to kitchen appliances, this AVR ensures that your devices receive the power they need to operate efficiently and safely.

Advanced Protection: The AVR-PRO 1000VA features advanced protection mechanisms to safeguard your devices against electrical hazards. With replaceable fuse protection and overload protection, you can trust that your equipment is protected from damage caused by power surges and overloads, ensuring their longevity and reliability.

Convenient Functionality: Enjoy convenient operation with features such as delayed on/off functionality, allowing for controlled power cycling. The international socket accommodates various plug types, providing versatile connectivity options for different devices and appliances.

Superior Performance: Benefit from superior performance even in low voltage conditions, thanks to the AVR-PRO 1000VA’s low voltage superiority feature. This ensures that your devices continue to operate reliably, even in environments where voltage fluctuations are common.

Upgrade to the QASA AVR-PRO 1000VA and experience peace of mind knowing that your electronic equipment is protected against voltage fluctuations and surges. With its high capacity, advanced protection features, and convenient functionality, this AVR is the ideal solution for ensuring the safety and longevity of your valuable devices and appliances.


  1. Delayed on/off
  2. International socket
  3. Replaceable fuse protection
  4. Overload protection
  5. Low voltage superior
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