• Input: 125 – 270V AC 50Hz
  • Output: 230V AC 50Hz
  • Stability: ±5%
  • Capacity: 5000W
  • Protection: IP20
Products Information

Introducing the QASA AVR-PRO 5000VA: Your Reliable Power Guardian.

Model No: AVR-PRO 5000VA

Stable Power Output: The QASA AVR-PRO 5000VA ensures a stable and consistent power supply, with an input range of 125-270V AC 50Hz and an output of 230V AC 50Hz. With a stability of ±5%, this automatic voltage regulator (AVR) provides reliable protection against power fluctuations, ensuring optimal performance for your electronic devices and appliances.

High Capacity: With a capacity of 5000W, the AVR-PRO 5000VA is capable of handling high-power loads with ease. Whether you’re powering sensitive equipment or heavy-duty appliances, this AVR delivers consistent and reliable power, safeguarding your devices from voltage fluctuations and surges.

Comprehensive Protection: Equipped with advanced protection features, including surge and shock protection, overload protection, and replaceable fuse protection, the AVR-PRO 5000VA ensures comprehensive safeguarding of your devices against electrical hazards. Its IP20 protection rating adds an extra layer of safety, protecting against dust and debris ingress.

Convenient Features: The AVR-PRO 5000VA comes with a range of convenient features designed to enhance usability and convenience. These include delayed on/off functionality for controlled power cycling, multi-functional sockets for versatile connectivity, and easy-to-grip handles for effortless transportation. Additionally, the built-in cooling fan ensures efficient heat dissipation, maintaining optimal operating conditions for the AVR.

Wide Input Voltage Range: With a wide input voltage range of 100V-280V, the AVR-PRO 5000VA offers flexibility and compatibility with various power sources, ensuring seamless operation in different environments. Its high-power relay and low-voltage superiority further enhance its performance and reliability, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial applications.

Upgrade to the QASA AVR-PRO 5000VA and enjoy reliable power protection for your electronic devices and appliances. With its advanced features, high capacity, and robust design, this AVR provides peace of mind and ensures the safety and longevity of your valuable equipment.


  1. Delayed on/off
  2. Multi-functional Socket
  3. Surge & Shock Protection
  4. Easy Handles
  5. Overload Protection
  6. Replaceable Fuse Protection
  7. Cooling fan
  8. Wide Input Voltage: 100V-280V
  9. High-power relay
  10. Low voltage superior
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