Blender & Grinder QBL-15L40

  • Rated power: 300W
  • Speed: 10000-13000rpm
  • Capacity: 1.5L
Products Information

Introducing the QASA Blender & Grinder QBL-15L40: Your Ultimate Kitchen Companion for Blending and Grinding.

Model No: QBL-15L40

Powerful Performance: With a rated power of 300W and a speed range of 10000-13000rpm, the QBL-15L40 Blender & Grinder delivers powerful performance for all your blending and grinding needs. Whether you’re making smoothies, sauces, or grinding spices, this versatile appliance ensures smooth and efficient operation every time.

Generous Capacity: The QBL-15L40 Blender & Grinder features a spacious 1.5L capacity, providing ample room to blend and grind a variety of ingredients. From fruits and vegetables to nuts and spices, this appliance can handle it all with ease, making it ideal for both small and large batches of food preparation.

Pure Copper Motor: Engineered with a high-quality pure copper motor, the QBL-15L40 Blender & Grinder offers reliable performance and long-lasting durability. The powerful motor ensures smooth and efficient blending and grinding, allowing you to achieve perfect results with every use.

Stable and Secure: Designed with a non-slip base, the QBL-15L40 Blender & Grinder provides stability during operation, preventing the appliance from moving or sliding on the countertop. This ensures safety and convenience while using the appliance, giving you peace of mind during food preparation.

Enhance your cooking experience with the QASA Blender & Grinder QBL-15L40. Whether you’re blending smoothies, making sauces, or grinding spices, this versatile appliance is designed to meet all your blending and grinding needs with ease and efficiency.


1.Pure copper powerful motor

2.Non-slip base

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