Ceiling Fan QCF-56C acdc1

  • Power supply: AC230V 50Hz/12V DC POWER/15V SOLAR PANEL 50W
  • Power input: 36±5W
  • Rated current: 3A
  • Rotation speed: 320±10rpm(Max.)
  • Blade span: 1400mm±3%
  • Recommended solar panel: 15~18V, 45W~50W
Products Information

Introducing the QASA Ceiling Fan QCF-56C acdc1: The Ultimate Solution for Efficient and Versatile Cooling.

Model No: QCF-56C acdc1

Experience unparalleled cooling comfort with the QASA Ceiling Fan QCF-56C acdc1. Designed to deliver exceptional performance and versatility, this ceiling fan is the perfect addition to any space, offering a blend of efficiency, durability, and convenience.

Powerful and Flexible Power Supply: The QCF-56C acdc1 offers multiple power supply options, including AC230V 50Hz, 12V DC power, and compatibility with 15V solar panels ranging from 45W to 50W. Its auto changeover feature seamlessly switches between AC and DC power sources, ensuring uninterrupted operation and flexibility in various environments.

Efficient and Energy-Saving Operation: With a power input of 36±5W and a rated current of 3A, the QCF-56C acdc1 delivers powerful airflow while maintaining energy efficiency. Its 100% copper brushless motor is engineered for high efficiency, providing reliable cooling while conserving energy and reducing electricity costs.

Adjustable Speed and Remote Control: Enjoy personalized comfort with the QCF-56C acdc1’s nine adjustable speed settings. Whether you prefer gentle breezes or powerful airflow, you can easily customize the fan speed to suit your preferences using the included remote control. Experience convenience and comfort at your fingertips.

Durable Construction: Built to last, the QCF-56C acdc1 features a robust design with three metal blades that deliver strong wind performance with minimal noise. With a blade span of 56 inches (1400mm), this ceiling fan is ideal for cooling most rooms, providing optimal airflow and comfort.

Long-lasting Performance: The QCF-56C acdc1 boasts a motor with a lifespan of more than 30,000 hours in high efficiency mode, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. Whether installed in homes, offices, or commercial spaces, this ceiling fan delivers consistent cooling comfort for years to come.

Upgrade your cooling experience with the QASA Ceiling Fan QCF-56C acdc1. With its versatile power supply options, adjustable speed settings, and durable construction, it’s the perfect choice for efficient and reliable cooling in any environment. Trust QASA for superior quality and performance.


  1. AC/DC input is auto change over
  2. 9 adjustable speed
  3. More than 30000 hours life motor in high efficiency
  4. 56″ blade span, perfect for most rooms
  5. 100% copper brushless motor, energy saving motor
  6. 3 metal blades with strong wind and low noise
  7. With remote control
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