Rechargeable Fan QRF-7918 Vigor

  • Power input: 45W
  • Battery: 12V 7Ah x1
  • Rotation speed: 1400±10% (max)
  • Size of blade: 435mm±3%
  • Height: 1080~1335mm (adjustable)
  • Fan speed: 9 settings
  • Duration: 4.5~28 hrs (Speed 1~Speed 9)
  • Light: 2 settings, bright LED x 10
  • Recommended solar panel: 15V 20~50W
Products Information

Introducing the QASA Rechargeable Fan QRF-7918 Vigor: Your Ultimate Portable Cooling Solution.

Model No: QRF-7918 Vigor

Experience unparalleled cooling comfort and convenience with the QASA Rechargeable Fan QRF-7918 Vigor. Designed for versatility and performance, this fan is your go-to solution for staying cool and comfortable, whether indoors or outdoors.

Powerful Performance: With a power input of 45W and nine adjustable fan speeds, ranging from gentle breezes to powerful airflow, the QRF-7918 Vigor ensures personalized cooling to suit your preferences. Enjoy maximum rotation speed of 1400rpm±10%, delivering efficient air circulation to keep you refreshed.

Long-lasting Battery: Equipped with a high-capacity 12V 7Ah battery, the QRF-7918 Vigor offers extended operation for up to 4.5 to 28 hours, depending on the selected fan speed. Enjoy uninterrupted cooling for longer periods, ideal for use during power outages, outdoor events, or camping trips.

Versatile Charging Options: The QRF-7918 Vigor features DC 15V input for solar charging, providing eco-friendly and sustainable power options. With over-voltage protection, you can safely charge the fan using solar panels without worrying about damage to the battery. Additionally, the fan includes a USB 5V charger for convenient charging using standard power sources.

User-friendly Features: Experience enhanced convenience with a range of user-friendly features. The fan comes with a remote controller for easy operation from a distance, allowing you to adjust settings without getting up. The AC/DC auto changeover feature ensures seamless transition between power sources, while the battery level indicator keeps you informed about the remaining battery life.

Multi-functional Design: Beyond cooling, the QRF-7918 Vigor offers additional features for added versatility. Enjoy the illumination provided by the bright LED lights with two adjustable settings, perfect for lighting up your space during nighttime use. The fan also includes a night light function and a timer for added convenience.

Safety and Protection: The QRF-7918 Vigor is designed with built-in over-discharge and over-charge protection, ensuring the safety and longevity of the battery. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your fan is equipped with advanced safety features for worry-free operation.

Enhance your comfort and convenience with the QASA Rechargeable Fan QRF-7918 Vigor, your ultimate cooling solution for any environment.


  1. DC 15V input available for solar charging, with over-voltage protection
  2. Over-discharge and over-charge protection
  3. 12V7Ah battery
  4. USB 5V charger
  5. Night light
  6. Timer
  7. With remote controller
  8. AC/DC auto change over
  9. Battery level indicator
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