High Power Blender & Grinder QBL-8008 pro4

  • Rated power: 1250W±15%
  • Max power: 1500W
  • Rated current: 5.4A±15%
  • Rotate speed: 26000RPM(max.)
  • Jar capacity: 2.0L
  • Grinding cup capacity: 800ml
  • To-go cup capacity: 750ml
  • Size (HxWxD): 49x22x20cm
Products Information

Introducing the QASA High Power Blender & Grinder QBL-8008 Pro4: Elevate Your Culinary Creations to the Next Level.

Model No: QBL-8008 Pro4

Exceptional Performance: With a rated power of 1250W and a max power of 1500W, the QBL-8008 Pro4 Blender & Grinder delivers unparalleled performance for all your blending and grinding needs. Its heavy-duty motor ensures smooth and efficient operation, while the stepless speed regulation allows you to adjust the speed to achieve the perfect consistency.

Premium Construction: Designed for durability and longevity, the QBL-8008 Pro4 features a crystal-clear 2000ml glass jar and a SUS-304 stainless steel 800ml grinder cup. These high-quality materials are not only robust but also easy to clean and maintain. Plus, the cap with a rubber seal ensures a secure fit, preventing spills and leaks during operation.

Versatile Functionality: Whether you’re blending smoothies, crushing ice, or preparing hot soups, the QBL-8008 Pro4 is up to the task. Its 6-blade multi-functional knife set effortlessly pulverizes ingredients, while the turbo switch provides an extra boost of power when needed. Additionally, the 750ml to-go cup allows you to enjoy your favorite beverages on the go.

User-Friendly Design: The QBL-8008 Pro4 is designed with convenience in mind. The transparent cap allows you to monitor the blending process, while the 100% pure copper coil ensures efficient power delivery for consistent results every time. Plus, the compact size (HxWxD: 49x22x20cm) makes it easy to store and transport.

Endless Possibilities: From smoothies to juices, hot soups to batters, the QBL-8008 Pro4 is your ultimate kitchen companion. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook, this high-power blender and grinder will help you unleash your culinary creativity and achieve delicious results with ease.

Upgrade your kitchen arsenal with the QASA High Power Blender & Grinder QBL-8008 Pro4. With its exceptional performance, premium construction, and versatile functionality, it’s the perfect tool for all your blending and grinding needs.


  1. Crystal clear 2000ml glass jar
  2. 1250W heavy-duty motor
  3. 100% pure copper coil
  4. With turbo switch
  5. Stepless speed regulation
  6. Cap with rubber seal
  7. 6 Blades multi-functional knife set
  8. SUS-304 stainless steel 800ml grinder cup
  9. Transparent cap
  10. 750ml to-go Cup for traveling
  11. Perfect for smoothies, ice crush, juices, hot soups and batters.
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