Oil Less Air Fryer QFY-550

Power supply: AC 230V 50Hz
Rated power: 1200W
Capacity(Inner pot): 5.0L
Temperature: 80~200°C
Time range: 0~60 mins
Accessories: Frying grill x1
Protection Class: Class I
Moisture Protection: IPXO
Size(HxWxD): 30x24x24cm

Products Information

Introducting the QASA Oil Less Air Fryer QFY-550. A healthier, safer, and energy effiecient choise for cooking.

Model No: QFY-550

Experience a healthier way of cooking with the QASA Air Fryer QFY-550. Designed with modern kitchens in mind, this air fryer combines sleek aesthetics with top-notch performance.

Healthier Option: Air fryers use significantly less oil than deep fryers, resulting in lower fat and calorie content in your food. This can be helpful for those looking to maintain a healthy diet.

Crispy Texture: Air fryers circulate hot air around the food, achieving a crispy golden brown exterior similar to deep-frying, but with a healthier twist.

Faster Cooking: Compared to ovens, air fryers cook food much quicker due to their efficient heating method. This saves time and energy.

Safer: Air fryers eliminate the dangers of handling hot oil, reducing the risk of burns and splatters.

More Versatile: While known for fried favorites, air fryers can roast, bake, and even reheat leftovers, offering more cooking options than a traditional deep fryer.

Less Mess: Air fryers generally contain the cooking mess within the basket, minimizing splatter and simplifying cleanup compared to deep frying.

Energy Efficient: While not quite as efficient as a microwave for a single task, air fryers use less energy than ovens for similar cooking due to their smaller size and faster cook times.

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