Fan Heater QFH-2011

  • Rated power: 2000W±10%
  • Size(HxWxD): 31.5×31.5x100cm
Products Information

Introducing the QASA Fan Heater QFH-2011: Your Ultimate Solution for Year-Round Comfort.

Model No: QFH-2011

Experience versatile heating and cooling performance with the QASA Fan Heater QFH-2011. Engineered for superior functionality and convenience, this fan heater combines powerful features to keep you comfortable in any season.

Powerful Heating: With a rated power of 2000W, the QFH-2011 delivers efficient heating to quickly warm up your space. Whether it’s a chilly winter evening or a cool autumn day, this fan heater provides fast and reliable heating to keep you cozy and comfortable.

Versatile Functionality: The QFH-2011 features both cooling and heating functions, allowing you to use it year-round for optimal comfort. Whether you need to warm up a cold room or cool down on a hot summer day, this fan heater has you covered.

Adjustable Settings: Enjoy customized comfort with the QFH-2011’s adjustable features. Its 90° tilting capability allows you to direct the airflow precisely where you need it, while the 120° auto oscillation ensures even distribution of heat or cool air throughout the room. Additionally, the fan heater offers three sections of height adjustment, providing flexibility to suit your preferences.

Safety Features: The QFH-2011 is equipped with essential safety features to give you peace of mind while using it. The overheat protection function ensures safe operation by automatically shutting off the heater if it exceeds a certain temperature. Additionally, the thermostat switch allows you to maintain your desired temperature without constantly adjusting the settings.

Efficient Heating Technology: Featuring PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating technology, the QFH-2011 delivers consistent and efficient heating performance. This technology ensures fast heating without consuming excessive energy, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective heating solution.

Upgrade your comfort level with the QASA Fan Heater QFH-2011. With its powerful heating capabilities, versatile functionality, and safety features, it’s the perfect choice for keeping your home or office comfortable all year round. Trust QASA for reliable performance and superior comfort.


  1. 90° tilting
  2. 120° auto oscillation
  3. 3 sections of height
  4. Overheat protection
  5. Thermostat switch
  6. PTC heater
  7. Cooling & heating functions
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