Steam & Spray Iron QIR-2055 Steam

  • Power supply: AC230V 50Hz
  • Power input: 1200W
  • Capacity of tank: 250ml
  • Soleplate size: 195x108mm
Products Information

Introducing the QASA Steam & Spray Iron QIR-2055: Your Ultimate Ironing Companion.

Model No: QIR-2055 Steam

Effortless Ironing: The QASA Steam & Spray Iron QIR-2055 is designed to make ironing a breeze with its versatile features and powerful performance. Equipped with a power supply of AC230V 50Hz and a power input of 1200W, this iron delivers efficient and consistent results every time.

Versatile Ironing Options: Say goodbye to wrinkles and creases with the QIR-2055’s versatile ironing options. Whether you prefer dry, steam, spray, or surge ironing, this iron has you covered. Choose the setting that suits your fabric type and achieve professional-quality results with ease.

Teflon Coated Soleplate: The QIR-2055 features a Teflon coated soleplate that glides smoothly over fabrics, reducing friction and preventing sticking. This durable soleplate ensures even heat distribution and effortless ironing, so you can achieve perfectly pressed clothes in no time.

Self-Clean Function: Maintain optimal performance with the QIR-2055’s self-clean function. This convenient feature helps to remove mineral deposits and impurities from the iron, ensuring longevity and efficiency. With regular use, your iron will stay in top condition, delivering superior results with every use.

Thermostatic Control: Take control of your ironing experience with the QIR-2055’s thermostatic control feature. Adjust the temperature to suit your fabric type and ironing needs, ensuring gentle care for delicate fabrics and powerful performance for stubborn wrinkles.

Heating Indicator: Stay informed during your ironing sessions with the QIR-2055’s heating indicator. This handy feature lets you know when the iron has reached the desired temperature, so you can start ironing with confidence and precision.

Upgrade your ironing routine with the QASA Steam & Spray Iron QIR-2055. With its versatile features, powerful performance, and convenient self-clean function, this iron makes ironing easier and more efficient than ever before. Say hello to perfectly pressed clothes and goodbye to wrinkles with the QASA Steam & Spray Iron QIR-2055.


  1. Teflon coated soleplate
  2. Dry/steam/spray/surge ironing
  3. Self clean function
  4. Thermostatic control
  5. Indicator of heating
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